¿VRBO ayuda?

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Antiguo 5 de enero de 2020, 05:56 p.m.
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¿VRBO ayuda?

Estoy buscando un condominio / casa adosada / casa de 4 habitaciones para alquilar para unas próximas vacaciones familiares. Tengo 5 familiares diferentes para satisfacer en esta misión.
I found a rental last night..sent it out to all 5 people. I finally gained approval from all. FYI..the date is over 7 months away. I went online today to book it and the price has gone up 0 dollars? Its not a holiday or anything special week, I would change the date, but the price still reflects the 0 dollar increase?!?..WTF?..is the only thing I kept thinking..its Sunday so I plan on calling tomorrow..anyone else come across this type of rate hike?
Antiguo 5 de enero de 2020, 06:18 p.m.
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¿Los $ 700 adicionales solo aparecieron durante el proceso de reserva? Podrían ser las infames "tarifas ocultas".
Antiguo 5 de enero de 2020, 07:40 p.m.
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No...the booking is 7 months out..the overall price jumped a little over 0 dollars in less than 24 hours. I contacted the owners still awaiting response...just feeling let down slightly..not easy to appease my group..no sooner did I get all yess and now the price hike?!?
Antiguo 5 de enero de 2020, 09:40 p.m.
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Bueno ... resolvió mi propio problema ... la casa adosada estaba en la lista con una agencia de alquiler real (nombre) estaba en el sitio VRBO ... fue directamente a ese sitio ... ¡lo conseguí por una tarifa más barata de la que vi por primera vez! ... lo confirmó de inmediato ... así que el comprador tenga cuidado con VRBO ... ¡habría costado $ 900 más que la agencia de alquiler real! ... CONSEJO ... obtenga la dirección del rentAl de VRBO ... google it .. .y ahorrate algo de $$$$ !!!
Antiguo 9 de enero de 2020, 10:11 a.m.

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Also be very careful of who you are dealing with. VRBO and HomeAway (same company) for example, in the past at least, have had many phony listings. I participated in a lengthy thread here last year, where I documented many of these fraudulent listings after one poster here discovered he was the victim of a fraud. Even though he booked via HomeAway, he lost a couple hundred dollars as I recall because HomeAway charged him for currency conversion despite his booking a fake listing on their website. And notably HomeAway continued to list the property for many days even after being advised that the actual house was located in a different country. Even though they made the poster in that case 98% or so whole, what would the result have been, financially and otherwise, if the poster had shown up in Lake Como, Italy, unable to find the villa that actually was in Mallorca, Spain? Bottom line, both know WHO (agency or individual) you are dealing with and make sure there are reviews for the property (since none of the fake listings I uncovered had any reviews).
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